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Zavala 3


Cooperativa Agropecuária & Empreendimentos Rurais, Limitada became the 5th recipient of the credit line and will install an irrigation system powered by two (2) Future SF2 solar pumps to irrigate an area of 4 hectares (4ha) of vegetables in the lower Nhandzihe River, located in the North of Zavala District, Inhambane

Located in rural Mozambique, almost 97% of the farmers in Zavala district do not have experience in solar powered irrigation systems and rely on rudimental methods for crop irrigation.

Acquisition of the SF2 solar pumps for irrigation will lead to increased productivity and therefore, attract the interest of other farmers in the region who are currently relying on traditional irrigation methods with low productivity capacity”- Alcidio Chinolane, Manager- Cooperativa Agropecuária & Empreendimentos Rurais, Limitada

With the use of the solar irrigation system, is expected that the agribusiness company will increase its production capacity from 30 Tons of vegetables per year to 150 tons of vegetables per year, thus contributing to the improvement of food security in the district.

For the district, it is expected to be a very visible initiative for the promotion of sustainable agriculture practices and replicable to other regions of the district and the province, promoting the sustainable use of renewable energies in Agriculture.